DirtyGirl Disposal is a woman-owned and operated waste disposal company. We are in business to provide roll-off containers and compactors to haul trash, construction and demolition waste and recyclable waste. In addition, for an additional cost, we will provide the labor to clear out the debris from your location.

We are located in the Worcester area and provide services within a thirty-mile radius. That translates to areas just West of Boston to just East of Springfield, along the Route 2 Corridor (approximately Athol to Acton), up to the Fitchburg area and down to the Connecticut border. There are plans to expand our service area, as we continue to grow.

Our customers include residential accounts, property managers, commercial accounts, small businesses and contractors.

KathyinTruckThe DirtyGirl Herself
The road has been long, and at times very difficult. However, I am sure that many roads we take will have their own challenges; I am a true believer that anything worthwhile may be difficult, but with hard work and perseverance goals can be achieved.

“Sometimes the object of the journey is not the end, but the journey itself.”

Although I have been formally educated in various professions, the waste industry has been my forte since 1990. In 2005, my existing company underwent a major reorganization, making me the sole owner. With the added responsibilities, it was inevitable that I would need to work harder, as well as smarter. A first objective was to obtain a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) so that if the need arose, I could provide efficient service to customers.
During the summer of 2006, my daughter and I were regularly doing a Tuesday route in Sutton, Massachusetts. On one particular day, after noticing that we were covered in filth from lifting barrels and throwing garbage into the back of the truck, we laughed that we were “dirty girls.”

We were two “DirtyGirls.”

The idea for DirtyGirl Disposal began to take form on this summer day.

Although I didn’t proceed immediately with development of DirtyGirl Disposal, the concept was never far from my thoughts. While trying to rebuild my current company, I began to seek out professional business advice and attended many business seminars. After nearly a year of trying to rebuild, it appeared obvious that my current company had limitations for new growth.

Since the spring of 2008 ideas for a new company have continued to evolve. Beginning with registering the trade name, consulting with experts, writing the business plan and forming the corporation. DirtyGirl has come to fruition.