awardWe present the 4th Annual Norman Fairbanks, Jr. Memorial Award in the amount of $500 to Scott Swenson of Millbury, who graduated from the Auto Body Shop. Congratulations Scott!

The “Norman C. Fairbanks, Jr. Memorial Account” has been established, which will award scholarships and small grants to individuals seeking or pursuing vocational education and employment through entrepreneurship. These funds will supplement tuition, book purchases or required tools or equipment for the trades.

Norman was a graduate of Blackstone Valley Technical Vocational High School in Upton, Massachusetts. His area of study was plumbing and he worked in the vocation for many years before establishing his own excavation company.


Norman Fairbanks, Jr. (1968-2007)

In late 2006, my younger brother Norman had dedicated himself to helping me through the final stages related to a difficult divorce and operational issues with the existing family business.

On Friday, March 9, 2007 at 7:40pm, my brother died in a tragic car accident. He didn’t have the opportunity to see the court ruling, which awarded the remnants of the failing family business to me.

After repeated attempts to untangle myself from this business, it was to be pushed back at me, yet, once again. I made a feeble attempt to pick up the reigns and work hard, but I was defeated. It was only after a long break, by removing myself from the company during the fall of 2007, that I regained the stamina to pick it all up and start again.

Although I will continue to maintain the family business, DirtyGirl Disposal, Inc. is like its child. Born from the perseverance and experience of twenty years in the industry.

Because of my brother and his noble efforts to want to ‘help’ me, I am dedicated to seeing his memory live on with the vocational scholarship program funded through the service of one container “Norma Jeane.” My son called his Uncle Norman, “Norma.” My middle name is “Jean.” Together we will help others follow their dreams.

Each time this container goes to work, 10% of the revenues from Norma Jeane will go into a memorial account. The first scholarships/grants will be awarded to an individual in the spring of 2010.

Please help us as we help others to follow their dreams—ask for “Norma Jeane” when you call for your container.