12 Apr

Kinked cable after pulling it forward for weld access. Good thing I'm creative and have other equipment ...

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This was supposed to be a swap. Remove full, leave empty. I don't think so. We can not legally haul dumpsters filled above the top rail. :/ ...

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DirtyGirl doing a little demo job. ...

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One day I read something about finding pennies on the ground. There are sayings that they are from heaven and that the say, " In God We Trust".

Events have been causing me tremendous grief and struggle.

Nearly every day I find pennies on the ground. Every day!!! A message from the universe???

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So much for fun !!! ...

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27 May

A new dirtygirldisposal.com!

Welcome to our new¬†responsive website, which will provide an optimum user experience, whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

We’ll also be adding additional eCommerce capabilities to this site, so stay tuned!